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The mother Daughter Dance

In this treasure of a book, Jeannie DuBose offers a fresh and provocative look at perhaps the most profound relationship in a woman’s life. The personal narrative and accompanying illustrations capture both tender and difficult passages that a mother and daughter encounter as they move through time. This elegant tribute to “the dance” links generations of women, inviting the reader to reflect on a lifetime of feelings and experiences. Read The Mother Daughter Dance and perhaps you will recognize your mother, your daughter — or yourself — in this compelling, wonderful book. 

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Jeannie DuBose’s Mother Daughter Dance is the smartest, truest, and most moving investigation I’ve ever experienced into the mystery of this most complex relationship. Here’s a book to read again and again — a book to treasure. The bright and lovely illustrations speak volumes, so this little book expands to the size of a novel in our minds. It’s illuminating, wise — and beautiful. A feast for the eyes and heart alike.

— Lee Smith, O Henry Award winner, author of New York Times best seller The Last Girls

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Whether you have danced the Mother Daughter Dance yourself or have only watched those you love flinging each other around on the dance floor, take heart. This graceful book’s good news is that time passes and partners change places, giving each the chance to recognize herself in the other before the next generation arrives and the dance moves on.

— Barbara Brown Taylor, author of Walking in The Dark

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The Mother Daughter Dance is every woman’s story, drawn from the rich memories of an oldest daughter, artfully told with an economy of words and soulful, primitive illustrations. Jeannie DuBose has captured this circle dance with a voice that echos deep in the bones.

— Amy Grant, Grammy-winning singer/songwriter