Sampling of Small Groups :

Chapter Three

Are you a woman in transition, entering the second half of your life?  As family dynamics and long-held roles begin to morph, perhaps you find yourself ruminating on what is next for you in this chapter of your story.  Content for this six session series includes developmental touch points for women in midlife, spiritual practices which support a conscious life, and the exploration of feelings and questions which surface as we watch our children leave home, our focus on careers shift, and marital dynamics change.  

The Spirituality of Aging

There is no denying it: the process of aging brings assaults on our vanity and inevitable losses.  The good news is that our faith tradition offers both a mirror and guiding light as we journey through  the struggles and epiphanies of growing older.  This interactive, experiential six session series is grounded in Scripture, music, cartoons, prayer, poetry, and shared reflections.  Participants are invited to know themselves, each other, and God more deeply as they ponder with each other the effects of time.  

Writing as Spiritual Practice

Writers write for all kinds of reasons: to vent, to communicate with others, for professional advancement, to make money — the list goes on and on. In this group, participants engage in writing for the purpose of deepening spirits and cultivating an awareness of the Holy in our lives. Our time together will include brief lectures, “writing prompts,” quiet time for writing, and group discussions. Resources for the series include Goldberg’s Writing Down the Bones, Lamont’s Bird by Bird, Ueland’s If You Want to Write, and Taylor’s An Altar In the World.

Clergy Groups

Ministers face a unique set of opportunities and challenges that both test and affirm their faith.  Clergy groups offer pastors, preachers, and counselors a trusted place to speak openly and honestly about how they are or are not encountering God in their daily work and lives.  


group facilitation 

What Is It? 

Small group work involves regular meetings of 4-12 people who have agreed upon a common topic or purpose for meeting.  A desire to trust and share, a capacity to maintain confidentiality, and a curiosity about the inner world of oneself and others are all key ingredients for a prime group experience. 

Who Seeks It? 

People hungry for authentic connection, as well as a deepening sense of themselves, other people, and God. 

Practical Matters

Groups often start with the template of gathering twice a month for six sessions, meeting in a location convenient for participants. Fees vary based on duration of group.